w.p.p.dGod’s love is irrevocable.

If He did not love us, He would not be God. It is this unconditional love that has put me, often times, in a true understanding of how unworthy I am of such a love as this. It’s in this place that I begin to understand this truth: if a God that has every right to NOT love me actually unconditionally does, then I must hold value that can only be found in Him.

This is where His love begins to change me. When I am able to see this as a gift He has given, it changes me when I accept it.

It also allows me to experience His faithfulness. We hear it all the time:

God is faithful.

I kept thinking about what that really means, what is He faithful to, how is He faithful?

But it was the who He is faithful to that dawned on me and brought a fresh revelation of who He is.

He is faithful to me, yes, but more so He is faithful to the woman He created me to be or in other words He is faithful to the image of Himself which He placed in me.

When He loves me, He is unconditionally loving me through whatever distortion I put His image through for the greater purpose that His plan is accomplished. He is faithful to the plan He has for me to prosper and not to harm me, a plan for a hope and future. A future that was designed to reveal His glory that we might all have life and life abundant; eternal.

He is faithful to the image I bury, cover up, hide from or even deny.

His love comes in and reveals my unworthiness, the unworthiness I’m living in, the deceit of my motives, actions and beliefs. It is this love that shows me that if He loves me in the midst of my sin, there must be something lovable about me. He hates sin, He turns from it, but it is what is beyond the sin that He loves and is faithful to.

He is faithful to what is already done in His will awaiting to be lived in our realm of existence if we so choose to follow His path and be obedient to His voice.PI

Sin has the power to destroy, but it is not greater than Him and what He has in store. I believe His heart is broken when we give power to sin, but He is not discouraged by the sin, it does not veil His eyes as it does to us. Sin blinds us to His image, but He never stops seeing His glory in us. He remains faithful to what He can see despite our own blindness to it.

His love releases me into believing and loving that image in me as well. It gives me the faith, belief and strength to allow Him to uncover and expose what is beneath every mask and layer of guilt and shame I have draped over His glorious and majestic image within me.

His loves tells me to rise above my sin. He shows me that though sin knocked me down, I can find myself at His feet and there I can leave that sin and walk away in victory. He shows me that the power of His image in me says I can stand up and praise Him even though I have mud on my face and stink of filth. It is in the place of defeat where He says,

“It’s not about you. It’s about who I created you to be. It is about my plan of glory being revealed. My child, this is about who I AM.”

Who wouldn’t be changed by this love? When we really experience this moment of unmerited favor, this unearned grace and mercy and we accept it, this compels us to see with eyes that are not our own. It propels us into a vision which declares His faithfulness to that image in us. It should produce a passion in us to be faithful to His image we are marked with.

It is in His presence our value is revealed. It is in His presence our sin is seen for what it is, smaller than He and only powerful when we are outside of His will and presence. His love longs to overtake and urge us to live into the plan He has designed for our lives


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