I’ve met a lot of people with ideas, philosophies, soap-boxes and anger over injustice.

What sets Lydia apart is that she sees the vision of what could be, or rather, what should be.

If you spend five minutes with her, you’ll know she is not here to play games, but don’t get it twisted, the girl has got jokes for days. Lydia is real. She doesn’t hold herself as anything except the woman she is. And more beautifully, she openly learns to walk into the woman she knows she was created to be.

She is passionate. Spoken word. Journalism. Friendship. Mentorship. Activist. Christ follower. She walks with conviction, speaks with purpose and often stands in gaps most people can’t even see are there.

Set apart.

Lydia truly is set apart for a purpose beyond what most people can see with the natural eye. I am so blessed to have this woman in my life. She is an encourager, a voice amongst the silence and in the chaos.


Lydia, sister-solider-friend, I love you. Thank you for sharing not only your talents, but for sharing your authentic self in a world that asks us to hide the very essence of who we are. You are truly a story worth being told.

Lydia is the founder of Sincere Visions, a San Francisco based film and documentary production company which focuses its attention on cultural and community issues that often go unnoticed or ignored.

Catch the vision at
instagram: sincerevisions_
twitter @SincereVisions

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