cropped-img_7417.jpg{} is all about using my voice and light to share love with the people I am blessed to encounter.

Each of us has the gift of our own voice which speaks unique perspective, experiences, and wisdom.

We all carry a light that guides us to and through situations, whether they are difficult or joyous.

We all have love to share and a space to receive love in return.

My hope is that as I travel through this life as authentic, vulnerable, honest, flawed, and willing to learn – it will give permission, hope, and encouragement for people to do the same with their lives.

Through personal experiences turned teachers, I love to share the questions and wisdom I’ve gained through good old-fashioned story telling. The original premise of this blog was a simple and bold declaration that each and every one of us is a story worth telling.

Over the years I’ve been presented with the question – what if no one reads? Is the story still worth telling? It has been difficult to say yes when I have shared stories that seemed to go completely unnoticed, but what I’ve learned is, I’m listening.

When I tell stories of what has happened, I’m able to do so from a new perspective. I am able to receive further insight into myself, the world around me, and develop a new passion to live in such a way that shows I truly am a story worth telling, even if I am the only one who hears it.

But here you are! Come with me on this journey and perhaps you will find your own way to tell your story as well.







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