ideas come and inspiration is everywhere.  the idea for this blog hit me so hard and i was (and still am) excited.  one issue kept coming up: how would i present these stories?  sure, i could transcribe word for word what the story teller shared, but something still seemed so impersonal.  i could add a picture of the story teller!  after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.  but would that picture tell the story the person intended?  

i felt stuck and super bummed.  i had all this momentum built up around the blog, i talked to people about it and then … writer’s block.  well, of sorts.


my whole purpose was to tell stories and here i was not saying anything.  i had people lined up to tell stories, but they were going untold.  i wanted the stories and the story tellers to be honored and portrayed in a way that was so raw and honest.  and then it hit me one day when i wasn’t even thinking about it!  

what better way to hear a story than from the story teller themselves.  boom.  video.  

this process has shown me the value i have placed on people’s stories.  i don’t want to just put something out there because it’s a good idea.  i want to give space, clear the way, call out to people to listen to stories, LIVES, worth hearing about.  part of telling our story is learning to not always act in haste.  if we value something we are wiling to take time, to lay out the path, to think about what we are saying and how we are saying it.  who is our audience?  yes, the story is an opportunity to share my life, but it is also to encourage the lives of others.  

i will begin filming stories within the next few weeks and have a series to present in the near future.  please stay tuned.  i’m not just a pop up blogger with a dream that fades with two posts and a “valiant” effort.  i’m a respecter of stories and a promoter of handling the story tellers with care as they offer vulnerability and a piece of themselves they do not have to tell, but one that is definitely worth telling.


stay tuned … 

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