There we were, sitting in my living room, laughing, listening, sharing snippets of our lives and eating frozen grapes.  I had five amazing, beautiful women in my home and all I could think was, ” I’m surrounded by living stories that must be told.”  As I shared my vision for this blog I could see the light in each of their eyes.  I could see that each of them had a story they wanted to tell.  The question so many of us have is, “Will anyone listen?”  or “Will anyone care?”  

The answer I hope to give to people is:  YES.  A resounding, validating, empowering, YES. 

I am convinced that as we tell our stories, as we risk vulnerability, we will find that not only will it free us, but it will release others into the freedom of being known and heard.  


I am convinced more than ever that we are all a story worth telling.Image


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