i know what you’re thinking and you’re absolutely right, this video is  out of focus and it’s annoying.  as i was preparing for the next steps of the blog and the new direction i found myself needing to test out things i’d never done before.  i sat down one day and decided to play around and see what the process would be like.  what resulted was this video and a dilemma.  i didn’t want this to be the product i put out on the blog.  it’s out of focus, my hair and make-up weren’t done.  it was supposed to be a practice run.  but i found myself intrigued by what came out of the process.  i actually liked the content of the product, i just didn’t like the look.

i was challenged to think of how often i do this.  when else do i discount content because i don’t like the packaging?  where else do i discount what is being said because i just can’t get past who is saying it or why would they wear that shirt or wait, how old are they?

the passion behind this blog is to cultivate an environment where stories can be told because what people have been through, what they have learned and what they have to say is important.  there are so many ways people are discounted into silence and here i was playing the role of perpetrator and victim.  i don’t want this to be all about product.  this doesn’t mean i won’t do a few things differently next time.  i’ve learned some things and i’ll apply those lessons, but i won’t sacrifice content/heart/soul/vulnerability for the best looking product.

i want what can’t be produced … the honesty of the stories worth telling.


  1. Congrats on the Voice Light Love launch!! You are an inspiration! The fact that the video was out of focus and you got your written message out of it is awesome. Your message is powerful. I cannot wait to spend more time with you soon. Like, seriously.

  2. Loved the video. You are so right. There is far too much of telling our kids what to think as opposed to teaching them how to think. God bless you. Debbie.

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