029in my life i have found countless people that fascinate me.  their lives are literally living pictures of hope, strength and love – even in the midst of despair, frailty and darkness.  what has saddened me most is the majority of people do not see themselves as worth knowing; in other words, they don’t believe they are a story worth hearing, therefore, they don’t tell it.

i want to change that.  what would the world look like – how would it be changed – if we understood that we are stories worth telling? my hope is to uncover the storyteller in all of us.  my hope is that as each story is told and heard, there is connection and movement.  my desire is that the stories do more than just inspire, encourage, touch or validate.  my hope is that the stories bring life to the ones who tell them and the ones who hear.

together, let’s unfold chapters of stories worth telling …


  1. I love this Rachel 🙂 I’m really passionate about the value of personal stories as well so I hope this endeavor really comes together for you.
    ~ Lili

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